Neighborhoods Tours in Japan

TreckTreck is an experience-based travel agency located in Tokyo. We introduce insider tours to explore Japanese local communities and craftsmanship, connecting participants with local creative people, places and businesses all over Japan. 


DISCOVER the local creative trades

We introduce our unique neighbors like traditional craftsmen, chefs, specialty shop owners, photographers, designers, architects and more. You'll see their individual creative works and places on our website. How about dropping in to our neighborhood during your stay?


EXPERIENCE our neighborhood tours & local events

Bicycle tours are a fun and engaging way to expand your tour footprint and see more areas off the beaten track. The route includes an overview of the people, places, and neighborhoods that make up the area’s core. We'll also show you seasonal spots that the locals recommend.


BE INSPIRED on our customized tours

Japan has become a hotbed of innovation. On this tour, we will take you inside Japan’s most innovative projects where you’ll have the opportunity to visit offices and factories, farms and meet people reinventing our future. 




  • Central Osaka

  • South Osaka(Sakai)


  • Sapporo

  • Obihiro, Tokachi


  • Fukuyama, Onomichi(Shimanami road)


  • Itoigawa