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【Trial Tour】East Tokyo Neighborhood Cycle

【Trial Tour】East Tokyo Neighborhood Cycle 

Explore in the local Edo-town “深川 Fukagawa”, where are Morishita, Kiyosumi-Shirakawa,Monzen-Nakacho etc.

Here in East Tokyo ”深川 Fukagawa” has been developed since 1600’s. We can see the local culture, especially historical spot where the famous Ukiyoe painter loved, popular Japanese craft factories, unique local food shops, Winery, Shrine and festivals etc.

These days, these areas’ve been getting popular as coffee shops and art galleries which used of old garages among residential area. You can see both new and old symbols of Tokyo cities beside many creeks and get in touch with neighborhood in these area. It might be short trip but definitely precious experience to join this cycling tour. Especially, it's cherry blossom blooming season! Take you to hidden places only local people know.

【Meeting Place】
 alohaloco rent-a-cycle shop (1-4-10 Tokiwa, Koto ward, Tokyo)

 1)Basho Terrace(芭蕉庵・隅田川テラス)
 2)Kiyosumi Park(清澄公園)
 3)Fukagawa Edo Museum (深川江戸資料館)
  Some shops in Kiyosumi-shirakawa
 4)Fukagawa Enma-do Temple (深川えんま堂)
 5)Fukagawa Fudoson Temple (深川不動尊)
 6)Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine (富岡八幡宮)
 7)Fukagawa Winery(深川ワイナリー)
 8)Etai Bridge (永代橋)

◆Important Notes:
Itinerary may vary due to weather, traffic conditions, and other unavoidable circumstances
Please be considerate towards other participants
Please be punctual and arrive on time (*we will start the event on time)

◆What to wear / bring:
Camera (if you have)
Cash (*some small shops accept cash only)

Participation Fee: JPY1,500 (including rent-a-cycle fee, entrance fee of Kiyosumi garden, Fukagawa edo Museum, some snacks and drinks, free lunch-box)
Attendance includes: (in English)

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