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Mongolian Night

  • chaabee 1-11-11 Fukuzumi Koto, Tokyo Japan (map)

Mongolian Night 

chaabee's thousand and one nights vol.2

Long, long time ago, Arabian emperor preferred to listen night story which told foreign people and culture, music, history on the bed...

On this event, we invite the foreign guests and enjoy their presentation with home cooking dishes, music. Feel free to join our event not only foreigners but also Japanese neighbors who keen on learning English and foreign culture.

This time we have 2 Mongolian guests. The One is Mu Yifei (木義霏) who came from Inner-Mongolia area in China. In Mongolia, People say "Spring will come if you count nine times for nine days from the winter solstice", and celebrate Spring's coming in March. She introduces their culture and cooks Mongolian home dishes. The another is ****,  who is a musician of Horse head's harp which is very famous among Japanese as the story of "Sumo's white horse". Let's have party for celebrating Mongolian's Spring together!