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Dancing Indonesia!


Chaabee's thousands and one nights vol.10

Long, long time ago, Arabian emperor preferred to listen night story which told foreign people and culture, music, history on the bed...

On this event, we invite the foreign guests and enjoy their presentation with home cooking dishes, music. Feel free to join our event not only foreigners but also Japanese neighbors who keen on learning English and foreign culture.

Date: Nov 18 (Sat) 6:30pm starts
Fee: JPY 3,800 (including welcome 1drink)

Nadira Natasya
I’ll be staying in Tokyo for 6 months for an internship in kindergarden located in Shinjuku. I originally am a “bataknese” person, one out of many different culture origin in Indonesia. Lets get to know more!

Khairani Chalid
I'm from Pagan. I'd introduce Traditional Dance on the event. Dance plate is a traditional Minangkabau dance. While its function for gratitude to the goodess of rice when the harvest season with abundant results.Would you want to know about padang with more? lets talk with me.. 😁

Maho Watanabe
I stayed in Indonesia for one year to work for an organization called AIESEC. I love Indonesia for its beautiful nature, its amazing diversity of cultures and its warm people. I would love to share with you about Indonesia’s beauty at the event!

●Time Table

18:00 Open doors
18:30 event start
19:00 explanation about food served, explanation about INA, teach simple Indonesian greetings
19:20 explanation & quiz about Bali & Java
19:40 about sumatera
19:50 dance performance
20:00 activity
20:30 closing

Indonesian Home Dishes
Nasi Uduk
Sate ayam